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Development Concept

> Development Concept

Integrity, Development, Harmony, Win-Win.

Credit is the basic factor for corporate development. With more severe competition today, some enterprises are likely to lose credit for benefit, and are eliminated at last. In Huapu Group, credit is always viewed as intellectual impetus to promote productivity. With powerful development over these years, the company attaches more importance to credit construction. Only improving satisfaction to enterprise can ensure stable and sound development of economy.

However, development and harmony also are factors for enterprise to survive. Huapu pays attention to harmony in development, not only between the staff and enterprise, but also between all industries in the market. Competitors in the same industry should develop fair and just competition in the market, and price competition and quality competition are main force. Only keeping harmonious development can maintain stability of market.

There are two levels for reciprocity, one is between the enterprise and staff, and the second is between the enterprise and customers. The enterprise employs staff to maintain stable operation, but on the other hand, the enterprise should offer reciprocal treatment and value to them. Huapu Group is always making effort to let staff enjoy high-quality life, and the enterprise and customers are mutually reciprocal and interdependent for common development.